Dear guests of Belarus:

We offer pickup, accomodation and translation services for visitors to Minsk, business people, tourists, and everyone who arrives on business or a break. We can help with transfer from the airport and top hotel reservations at a discount, recommend places to eat and relax, discuss business or hold a workshop or conference.

We will help contact and meet Belarusian corporate or government officers, collect data for a contract bid and collect required documents.

Countryside breaks at Golybue Ozera lakes. Located far away in the wild the pearl of Belarus, Golybye ozera lakes is an island of still untouched natural beauty. We offer bus tours to our nature resort full of mystery and wonders.

Our services include:

  • hotel booking - cheaper with us
  • transfer to/from the airport
  • documents and formalities, including notary certification
  • meetings, workshops and other events including venue rental, catering and coffee breaks
  • simultaneous interpreting services including equipment rental: visit us at
  • guided tours to locations including Mir Castle and Nesvizh
  • countryside breaks at Golybye Ozera nature reserve

  • Tours and locations

    We are glad to offer you the following tours:

    Mir and Nesvizh castles.
    We offer tours to discover the cultural heritage of the country by visiting all the key destination in Belarus including the old Mir and Nesvizh castle complexes.
    Bar tour.
    They say making new friends is easier when you are a little drunk. Explore the real Minsk by taking a tour of its iconic pubs and bars, and learning exciting facts about the city and the country from our guides along the way. We will visit the popular Oktyabrskaya Street, Zybitskaya Street, Trinity Suburb and Korpus 6, crossing the city center north to south. You can walk or ride with us — you choose.
    Minsk city tour.
    Discover the center of the capital of the Republic of Belarus.
    Countryside breaks.
    Countryside breaks at Golybue Ozera lakes.

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